11 Rasul Rza, Baku, Azerbaijan | Molokan Garden

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Malacannes 145

Molocan garden has its own fame as one of the oldest and beautiful parks in the Baku city. And so does the "Malacannes", a lounge format restaurant located at this lovely green spot. The restaurant is located in a historic building, built by the oil industrialist Mitrofanov in the late 19th century and used as his personal residence. Later on, it also served as a building for the French embassy during ADR times. "Malacannes" adds a fraction of its contribution to this architectural heritage with the traditional interior featuring modern elements. With a rich choice of national and European cuisine, the lounge offers open salon, private rooms, and private valet parking area. It holds 240 m2 in total with 95 seats. If you have sweet tooth for desserts and looking for delightful breakfast, "Malacannes" is a perfect place for you, as it�s widely known for both.