Aziz Aliyev 11, Baku, Azerbaijan | nearby Natavan's monument

Open 24 hours

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Metropol 145

"Metropol 145" is located on a small street that leads to the seaside boulevard, which is rich in the history of Baku, and has survived to this day with little or almost no change. The location amazes with a variety of historical sights and modern buildings, starting from Natavan Monument and ending with the building of Azerbaijan Cinema Plus cinema. And in this diversity, "Metropol 145" offers you anything you can ever wish. From three different tastes of rich Azerbaijani, fresh flavor of Russian and loved European cuisines to traditional tea setups with the best shisha in the city. You can treat yourself with signature presented dishes, flavorful breakfast or delicate desserts, while the enjoying panoramic view from the open terrace, or tasting drink from the tea&fresh bar. With open salon designed in an authentic manner, open terrace and tea&fresh bar this modern cafe hold 240 m2 of total area and 72 seats.